City of St. Gallen

City of St. Gallen

Since 1996

The first installation of a TYDAC WebGIS at the city of St. Gallen was in 1997! In spring 2019, the aging Neapoljs application (in use since 2003) was replaced by MAP+.

The result is a city map site based on the latest MAP+ version, with UMN MapServer as the web mapping server. A few key figures:

  • Four base maps: base map, official cadastral survey, aerial photo 2018 and OSM++ Switzerland
  • A total of about 175 layers in 15 categories (plus many more on the intranet). Easy and fast to find thanks to the unique layer control and search function of MAP+.
  • Preconfigured themes
  • Search with Apache Lucene Solr, the blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform: extremely fast and intuitive search for objects and maps
  • Light and Embedded Versions for integration into web pages
  • Integration of Infra3D from iNovitas (Intranet)
  • Link to 3D city map
  • Version for smartphones

We may quote Mr. Stephan Horat, Head of Geomatics and Surveying and City Surveyor:

The new city map is a joy to use - we appreciate the speed and especially the flexibility and openness of the configuration: almost anything is feasible. Also very important to us are the options for connecting data and services from all conceivable sources - primarily our own data, but also federal and cantonal data services, as well as services from TYDAC.



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