Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz

Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz

Since 2001

The Oberallmeindkorporation Schwyz (OAK) is a corporation municipality in the canton of Schwyz. It is the largest corporation in Switzerland in terms of area and, at over 900 years old, older than the Swiss Confederation!

At 24,000 hectares, the Oberallmeind's landholdings are slightly larger than the area of the Canton of Zug. According to the old constitution of the Canton of Schwyz, it was obliged to preserve its holdings undiminished. In the words of the Oberallmeind ordinance, it was not allowed to "squander" its property.

The four business areas of Oberallmeind are forestry, alpine farming, real estate and energy. In 2005, Oberallmeind had 80 jobs and owned around 9,031 hectares of forest, 8,000 hectares of productive alpine land with 162 alps, and real estate. In 2006, OAK Energie AG was founded to generate energy from wood and other domestic energy sources.

Since 2012, OAK has been using a WebGIS based on MAP+ for the forestry sector.


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