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Analysis of precision measurements

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Since 2015

Together with the company Menegon Friberg Vermessungen AG from Untervaz GR (now scan4you gmbh), Summit GIS, a WebGIS solution for mountain railroad operators, was created.

Aldo Menegon, Managing Director of Menegon Friberg Vermessungen AG:

Finally! An application that anyone can use. The user interface is self-explanatory, the operating aids simple and clear.

Analysis of precision measurements

Pylons and water reservoirs must be monitored by periodic precision surveys. A Summit GIS module facilitates immensely their examination and reporting (see image above):

  • Easy import of the measurement series
  • During import the data is checked for errors
  • Representation with scale magnification from 1 to 2'000
  • Export of displacements to csv
  • Detailed analysis as PDF report

Infrastructure Management

Nowadays, it costs around 250,000 Swiss francs to operate a larger ski resort - per day! That has a lot to do with infrastructure - and it should therefore be managed efficiently:

  • Transportation facilities, slopes, paths, fences, etc.
  • Buildings and real estate
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics for snowmaking
  • Electricity, solar panels, IT infrastructure
  • Avalanche protection
  • Anchors, slope guidance systems, etc.

Extensive functionality for data capture and editing

Summit GIS is the central application for capture and  management of infrastructure:data:

  • Import of data collected with precision GPS devices
  • Possibility of importing CSV lists and DXF data as background data to support acquisition
  • Online editing and capturing of data based on WMS, with snap functionality
  • When capturing points, coordinates and height are automatically tracked as an attribute, as is the area for surface objects (e.g. slopes).
  • Automatically generated HTML legends directly from WMS
  • Selection and export of acquired data for integration into navigation systems

Summit GIS is already in use at well-known skiing resorts: Davos/Klosters, St. Moritz, Titlis, Flumserberg, Pizol.


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