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Since 2008

geoProSuisse is based on an initiative of public utilities in the canton of Aargau. geoProSuisse is a renowned, competent and innovative GIS service provider in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and offers comprehensive geo-services that are geared towards long-term customer benefit.

Burkhard Kilcher, Managing Director geoProRegio AG (now geoProSuisse)

Since 2008 we have been working with the company TYDAC in Bern. Never before has "Web-GIS" been so uncomplicated. The competent, sympathetic and extremely motivated team in Bern has helped us, among other things, to establish our product "geoProRegio"( on the GIS market. Even after eight years we are still convinced that TYDAC is one of the best in the geo-world. We are looking forward to further cooperation

Public - Professional - Shop

geoProSuisse offers the web platform for beginners and professionals. A user-friendly interface, sophisticated functions and extremely high-performance data preparation in the web browser make the service a convenience. Users include:

  • Municipalities
  • Energy utilities
  • Utilities
  • Disposal company
  • Associations / Companies / Industries / Private
  • Everyone who professionally manages and publishes geodata

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