City of Chur

City of Chur

Since 2001

The city of Chur has been working with TYDAC for more than half of its life! The city of Chur has been using TYDAC products for the publication of its geodata since 2001. Such a long partnership in the hectic world of information technology is exceptional and shows mutual respect. Read more in the presentation of the city of Chur on the occasion of the event 25 years TYDAC. Link to the internet city map.

Since 2021, the city of Chur has been using the latest version of MAP+ and is making increasing use of the lists, forms and reporting modules in a collaborative WebGiS:

  • Road maintenance: coordination of maintenance and costs, coordination of construction sites
  • Fire department: planning of operations, management of building information, in particular the access to buildings
  • Surveying: recording and management of revisions

Urs Zimmermann, City of Chur, Geoinformatics:

Solution-oriented, speedy, reliable - this is how the city of Chur has experienced TYDAC since the beginning of its WebGIS era in 2001. The cooperation has meanwhile outlasted the life cycles of several WebMap systems. TYDAC's solution has again proven to be the most suitable in the latest tender.


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